New, Yet Vintage?

We’re hopefully on the cusp of booking a florist, and what sealed the deal for me was that I didn’t feel like I had to “sell” my vision to her. Unfortunately, there are not very many Flowerwilds or Saipuas in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania and when I try to describe that sort of look to the other florists we met with, well…it’s just good I had a lot of pictures to help explain what I was seeing. Instead, when I met with the last florist it was more of an exchanging of ideas and it really helped that she knows our venue so well. She had already done some weddings with a similar feel that we’re looking for. I’m just hoping that her price is within our budget.

One of the areas I really felt I had to sell to those other florists is in using succulents. This florist, on the other hand, encouraged me to use them! I love the look of just about every wedding I’ve seen featured using succulents. However, sometimes I feel like they are a bit too modern for what we’d like. I think what makes the difference though is the container they’re in and that the patina on these containers gives the more modern looking plants a vintage vibe.

{photos by Stephanie Williams via Green Wedding Shoes}

{photo by Jennifer Dery}

{photo by Lisa Lefkowitz via Green Wedding Shoes}

I could definitely see using something like these. However I think the hunt for affordable containers like this might just drive me nuts. Since our venue has an outdoor seating area I can definitely see us doing something like this for the outdoor tables though.


{photos by JAC Photographers via Green Wedding Shoes}

Not really that vintage vibe, but I think they’ll be really nice on the outdoor tables and will hold up well in the July heat. What might make them work better too is if our florist can incorporate succulents in our indoor arrangements as well.

Anyone else struggling to figure out how to use something that they love in their wedding where it may not quite fit into their overall feel?