What Are Your Wedding Day Priorities?

Besides the obvious (getting married to the love of your life!) what are your top priorities for your wedding day?

I am terrified of utter and complete chaos, and many of our family members and friends will be helping with the details, which may lead to more chaos since everyone will be so busy. I’m a fan of planning ahead (not that I needed to tell you that,) and started to break out our good ‘ol pal Excel to map out where people will be, who is doing what, and when the whole shebang will begin. While I was typing, I made a mental list of things I want to do on my wedding day. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

1. Sleep in until 10.

Or at least until 9. 10 would be ideal though! I am not a morning person and they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. I also have the privilege of staying here the night before and plan to take advantage of the fact that I can have some rest and relaxation before the big day.

2. Eat.

I’m told that brides forget to eat in between the hustle and bustle, and that often times the couple doesn’t get to eat during the reception! *Cry* Our caterer assured me that they would make us lunch boxes in case we’re too busy to sit down and eat, but it would be great if I could eat it while it’s nice and hot. Mental note, drop everything and eat something so I do not faint, preferably food that tastes GOOD.

3. Have alone time. Run, blog, do something alone.

I’m a fan of alone time, and I imagine wanting at least an hour of it on that day to self-reflect and just chill. When I used to be in cities that allowed me to walk, I’d put my iPod on and just zone out. It used to be my favorite way to explore a museum.

4. Have alone time with the boy.

This might be a weird analogy, but this past Thanksgiving, the boy and I made our first turkey. We worked on it for two straight days, we bought the materials together, basted it together, and religiously watched the oven together. When it came out popping hot and juicy, we were so excited that we hugged and kissed each other and then proceeded to cuddle just admiring the turkey and being really happy that we didn’t burn it.

The wedding day is like that turkey. I know having some alone time away from the hullabaloo of everyone will be needed to sit back and reflect and admire the years we’ve been together and the ginormous party we just planned together.

5. Have FUN

I’m so excited to dance, eat cupcakes, spend time with my nearest and dearest, take a gazillion pictures with my friends and family, and stumble back to the hotel room to swap stories with my HUSBAND. No hyperventilating or crying please, we’d like to avert those at all costs.

What are your priorities for your wedding day?