If You Scan It, It Will Come

Like many other brides, I thought registering would be the highlight of the wedding planning process. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s been little fun. Oh sure, at first I went all G.I. Jane with the scanning gun, shooting everything that struck my fancy. But then I began to realize, if you scan it, it will come.


Although my fiancé and I don’t have a lot of home goods, we still don’t really need them. We live in a very small one bedroom apartment with no storage, and due to our busy schedules cook only a couple of times a month – if that. Moreover, we are in the middle of many changes and are constantly moving around the country and even the world every so often for our jobs. Do I really want a melon baller, cherry pitter and apple corer or would I rather have the cash value of those three items ($50)? Do I really want 30 boxes of heavy appliances and china to use as coffee tables right now only to repackage them the next time I move?

The more I began to question all this, the more confused I became. For the last four months I’ve been literally stuck in what feels like a never-ending game of add and delete! Its become maddening. So when my sister sent out the invites to my upcoming bridal shower this week, I realized we needed to buckle down and strategize.

My fiancé and I sat down and creating some guidelines and rules. Kind of like like what brides do when they sit down analyzing their budgets — you assess what you really need, really want, could live without, want to spend money on, etc. We’ve decided to register for a few quality, high-ticket items that will stand the test of time, because that is really what we want but may never buy ourselves. This includes a Kitchenaid Mixer, Dyson vacuum, All-Clad pots/pans, Le Creuset cookware, china and crystal stemware.

Some of the high-ticket items we are interested in  clockwise from top left: Dyson Ball Vacuum, Haviland China, Kitchenaid Mixer, Le Creuset cookware, WS Dorset Crystal

Then we will upgrade just some things we use currently but at more affordable price points than the aforementioned items, so our guests have an array of prices to choose from. This includes bedding and pillows, coffee machine, silverware, and some bakeware/cooking utensils.

I grew up in a Polish culture where people usually just bring cash to weddings; registries weren’t really followed. I realize that many of our guests would prefer some guidelines on what to get us, so I do think its necessary. However its my guests’ presence, not presents, that is the greatest gift we could receive.  So any additional gift will be cherished, no doubt.

What strategy did you employ for your registry?