I’ve Been Showered!

Oh man…where did the time go?!  Sorry for my absence…wedding planning and life just sorta took over!!  But alas…I am back and full of fun stuff to tell you about!

First up…MY SHOWER!!

I went back home to Nebraska over President’s Day weekend, and somewhere in the jammed packed schedule I had was my bridal shower!  Two of my fabulous aunts threw the shower for me and it was perfect!

Aunt J on the left…me in the middle..and Aunt K on the right!

We ate Pizza and cake, played some non-cheesy games, and I opened gifts with a time-of-day theme.

What is a time-of-day theme you ask??  Well each guest was sent a specific time with their invite for which their gift should correspond…brilliant no?  I think it made the whole gift-opening process less awkward for me and a little more fun for my guests.  I opened the gifts in the order of the day…and it was fun to see what all the ladies in my life came up with (and what they thought I might be doing! haha).

For instance…my Aunt C decided that around 8pm I would probably like to drink wine (yep!), watch a movie (yep!), and eat popcorn (double yep!)!

My little niece (to my right) was quite the helper when it came to opening gifts!

My Aunt J thought she was pretty funny…she had midnight.  Which apparently starts with me as a princess at the ball…

notice the crown and fancy champagne flutes

and then ends with me as a maid (get it….like Cinderella!)

see the giant thing of cleaning supplies on my lap…and the scrubber that looks like me!

Of course I got a lot of things off my registry as well…new towels and bath accessories (7am!)…baking and cooking stuff (4-7pm)…and even some work-out gear from my BM S…she really does know what I am doing at 5pm most days!

The few days leading up to the shower I have to admit I was quite nervous.  I was worried about having all the attention on me and not saying or doing the right things…but once I got there and saw everyone…my nerves just went away!  It ended up being a lot of fun and my friends even said they enjoyed it!  Ok so wanna see who some of these important ladies in my life are??

I’m in the white…top left with my BM A, top right with BM S, bottom left with my sisters (& BMs) J & A, and bottom right with my Mom!

So there ya have it…my bridal shower was a success!

How about yours??  What kind of theme did you have…or are planning to have?

**All photos via author’s personal collection