Bridesmaids, check!

Last Sunday it really hit me. Not so much the “wow, we’re getting married” part…it was more a realization of how many people are going to be a part of the day. Sometimes I still get so wrapped up in the planning that I forget how cool this whole wedding thing is.

My mom, two of my bridesmaids, and I went to the Priscilla of Boston outside of Philly. The dresses were so much prettier and they had a much larger selection than where we were the previous Sunday. My mom found her dress within (max) 5 minutes, while the other two girls tried on a ton of dresses that were 10 sizes too big. We kinda started going in circles though because we pulled dresses that we liked the style of, only to find out that they didn’t come in colors that would have fit into that lighter blue category we want.

Ultimately, we came up with these dresses for my mom and the two girls who went with me:

Mom’s dress, but in capri blue instead; Bridesmaid #1 – French Blue…color is good in this picture; Bridesmaid #2 – cornflower…actual color of dress is actually much more blue than purple:


I was worried the dress wouldn’t work on my mom but she looked TOTALLY cute in it. (Doesn’t hurt that she’s 5’8″ and like 118 pounds and looks good in like everything she tries on.)

So…long story short, we picked out dresses and colors for the two girls who came along, and a color for my maid of honor who couldn’t make it that day. YAY! Two down!! We left the store and all felt so great about the dresses and I LOVE the colors that we picked out!

Now, this past weekend my maid of honor and flower girl went out to try on dresses as well and they also got their dresses!

Maid of honor and flower girl, both in Dream blue…lighter than the blue in the picture:


While these aren’t the dresses we’re using (except the french blue dress in the middle), they are a little better representations of the cornflower, french blue, and dream blue colors for the bridal party:

Vineyard cornflower blueblue-priscilla-bridesmaid-dress-2melissa-sweet-dream-blue
{all images via Priscilla of Boston}

Although there was a bit of confusion about colors (didn’t help that my favorite color was being discontinued in a few weeks), it was a much better experience bridesmaid dress shopping than our last trip out and I am very excited about our dresses!

My biggest bit of advice for brides who want to do the different color bridesmaids thing: Pick your color palate from the colors they have available first. We spent way too much time trying to find dresses that we liked only to find out they didn’t come in the colors that we wanted. Once we narrowed down the colors, we found the styles available in those colors and went from there. It became so much easier to pick out THE dresses after that!

Anyone have any suggestions for shoe colors?