Getting Ready

On the anniversary of the day Brian proposed, Angela Stott, the masterful photographer who shot our wedding, sent us the link to our wedding album online. Great timing, right? We spent the evening remembering our wedding day — it couldn’t have been a more perfect way to celebrate the day we decided to become husband and wife.

I’m SO excited to share them all with you, but I have to figure out how in the world to split them up – while I loved looking at them all at once (and on repeat over and over again!), you probably would get a little overwhelmed… So, I’ll start chronologically, but I can’t promise I won’t jump around!

The day started with getting ready. I had my bridesmaids and mom helping me, and boy did I need them! Not only did they help me pull everything together, but they helped me to remember to breathe as I got more and more excited about the upcoming ceremony. While we had a beautiful cabin to get ready in, the light was too perfect outside. So, Angela asked me if I would be okay getting ready out there. While I was a little nervous about stepping out onto the porch in my under-thingies, I decided that I wanted to do this right, which meant I should probably listen to the professional. Plus, my cabin was somewhat hidden from view, so I wasn’t too worried about people seeing me. [I did end up flashing an unsuspecting wedding guest, but fortunately it was one of Brian’s mom’s fabulous friends and she just chuckled about it with me later… could have been a lot worse!]  So, I bravely stepped outside and my mother and Maid of Honor helped me get into my dress.









Who do you think will be there when you get ready?  Do you think you could risk showing your bum to the world for the sake of great light? (And do you think it was worth it that I did?!)

Can’t wait to share the rest of the pictures with you – Angela really did an amazing job!