First Look

Brian’s cabin at High Hampton was actually right next door to mine, but don’t worry, we were on opposite sides of our respective cabins and his was a bit farther downhill — so no hope of seeing me wandering around in my underthings waiting to put my dress on.  Phew.  Brian had the help of his parents, brother (and best man), and (of course) Chambers.



Once we both were all dressed and ready to go, we were escorted (separately, of course!) to our first look location. We decided to do a “first look” before the ceremony because we weren’t starting our ceremony until 4:30 and were worried we’d lose the light if we waited until afterward to do our portraits. And High Hampton’s grounds are just too gorgeous not to take advantage of in the daylight.


Neither of us were particularly superstitious and I had read so many accounts of brides who felt the “first look” moment was just as special, if not more so, than the walking down the aisle moment. These many brides told me that there is an intimacy to seeing each other for the first time alone, well apart from the photographers.


I found this to be true — the whole time I was waiting for Brian to get to the first look location I kept feeling more and more like my heart was about to leap out of my chest, so seeing him after all that build up (without my dad to calm me down) was an overwhelmingly beautiful moment.


Scary and beautiful and amazing and so perfect that my hearts still gets a little fluttery thinking about it.


What do you guys think? First look or wait until the ceremony? I guess it’s really a personal choice and you have to feel at peace with whatever you decide. For us, this was perfect.

*all photos by the amazing Angela Stott