The never-ending recap…is ending

I’m thinking maybe the reason the recap is taking me so long (our reception was in October, after all) is that I don’t want it to be over. I want to feel like I still have real and relevant things to say and things to show. But the truth is, I’ll fade back into the spectator group soon. I’m still very much into weddings, as my google reader reflects (and taunts), and seeing as my main income is wedding photography, I doubt it will completely fade anytime soon. I am so glad to be apart from the stress that was the months leading up to my wedding, and I am so glad to be married, to call Garrett my husband, to have the same last name, to be “The Cummings Household” (I used to answer my parent’s landline “Merrill Residence” as a child, and it was good fun).

I’m like a mother that doesn’t feel useful anymore, or The Giving Tree. Ask me your questions! I yearn to teach! All good things come to an end. I do have one more post to share about our wedding after this, so sit tight, but here is our sendoff from our reception.


We danced until well after our time was up (the reception began at 7 and was to end at 11) and not everyone stuck around, but those that did were handed sparklers for our departure.


From my own personal preferences, I think for a night send off sparklers are great (or anything else that produces light) and bubbles can be as well for pictures (the flash reflecting off the bubbles can be great if there are a lot of bubbles). Just to throw my two cents in, for daytime I love confetti (big round or rectangular multicolored bits) or flower petals (from different wildflowers or various colored and sized petals).


Our send off was a bit silly, as we didn’t have anyone to pull the car to the front and so we failed at an attempt to walk to the parking deck (it was locked so we walked back inside), but I don’t think anyone noticed and the party didn’t really end. Afterwards I changed into the short white dress I wore to our second attempt at getting married in San Francisco (do you not recall that story?) and we went to a bar with a lot of Garrett’s high school friends.


It was such a fun night and everything was great. The music, our friends, our families, dancing. I don’t think everyone needs a big wedding, but you do need a party! It is such a moment to celebrate! So, do! Whether it be before or after, you need time with the people you love to celebrate, eat good food, relax, and dance!

* all of the images in this post are by Kristen Stewart Photography, editing by me.