Wedding Map of Chicago

Although I am a complete amateur, I wanted desperately to create my own invitations.  I thought this task would take me a week or two, but it has ended up taking me months upon end.  I’ve been trying to incorporate the following elements that have inspired us throughout the wedding planning process:  minimalist, urban, travel, kraft paper (color of shipping boxes since our wedding is in an old factory), shipping tags, thermography, and metal.  Furthermore, I wanted to use only one sheet of paper, to keep it green and also because I personally can’t keep track of all the inserts in an invite.

Needless to say, it’s been quite a feat incorporating this all into a cohesive invite while keeping it minimal.  I’ve just approved my final (online) proof with the printing press and expect the invites to arrive this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed — I have no idea if they’ll turn out the way I planned!  I hope to share with you pictures of the final product sometime next week.

I’ll give you a sneak peek of our map that is included on the invite.  I thought creating a personalized map would be too much for me to take on, but it happened to be very easy and enjoyable!  I  simply followed these instructions from Wedding Mapper, in Photoshop rather than Word, and voila — below is a copy of my map!


Have your DIY projects taken longer than you planned? Would you do it again?  I would.