Two-Veil Bride

Before I ever bought my dress, I purchased my veil — well, one of them. Like many others this year, I fell head over heels in love with the birdcage veil after seeing pictures of  Katherine Heigl on her wedding day, and purchased one over a year ago (from a fellow Kasia!) on impulse.

birdcage veil katherine heigl
{photo from OK Magazine}

But I still hadn’t found my dress.

Months later, I went back to the salon where I had previously tried on the first dress I ever loved.   I loved the dress again, but needed to see what it would look like with a veil this time.  The saleswoman brought out the mothership of all veils — the cathedral veil with blusher — but I immediately exclaimed, “No, no, no — that is way too much!”  Both my mother and her pleaded with me to just try it, and so I did.

Within seconds, both my mother and I had rivers of tears streaming down our faces, the saleswoman was smiling with glee, and all three of us were giving each other bear hugs.  She included the veil in the sale of the dress :)

{Pink Posh Photography}

And so I became a two-veil bride, which actually couldn’t be more fitting.  My wedding is both traditional (Roman Catholic church ceremony) and contemporary (Reception in an old factory loft) and so I have an appropriate veil for each occasion.

Or so I thought – until the saleswoman convinced me to wear the cathedral-length veil all the way through our first dance.  At first, I couldn’t imagine wearing such a long thing for cocktails, dinner AND the first dance.  But after my clever saleswoman pulled me close to her, wrapped the veil around my lower arm twice, and proceeded to dance with me in the front mirror –  I swooned again, and have since, been more excited about my upcoming first dance than any other part of the wedding day (other than our vows of course).

{Nicole Kidman, also clad in a cathedral-length veil wrapped around her arm, dancing with her groom}

What’s the special moment you can’t wait to make on your wedding day?