New Feature: Image Galleries

Hi everyone!  I’m so excited to announce the newest feature here on Elizabeth Anne Designs: image galleries!

Each gallery is populated with several of the most lovely images from past blog posts and from our Featured Vendor pages. There are over 600 images in the galleries currently and I’ll be adding more all the time.  The most recent images will display at the start of each gallery.

All images are tagged with colors and categories as well as image sources and credits. There is also a link back to the original blog post where the image resides and a permalink to the image so that you can bookmark it in your browser.

You can also use the dropdowns to search for images by color, by category, or by color AND category!


The home page for the image galleries is located right here, and there is a handy link in the navigation bar as well.  When you get to the home page for the galleries, you will see each of the main categories of the gallery. I’m so thankful to the always generous and incredibly talented Elizabeth Messina for providing the cover images for the gallery categories.

{And speaking of Elizabeth Messina and cover images, congrats to her for being on the cover of Santa Barbara Magazine!}

I hope you all enjoy the image galleries and all the awesome inspiration they have to offer – if you have any suggestions for functionality you’d like to see added I’m all ears!  I’ve got some things up my sleeve for the future for sure.  :)