Our Shower!

We knew it was coming, just not when, where, how, or what.

We were supposed to be meeting my mom for a long overdue trip to get some wings when a last minute location change made us somewhat suspicious. Wings at a hotel? Um, ok mom. Only, when we pulled into the parking lot, Mr. named every single car there: “Hey, that’s my parents’ car…your mom’s, Aunt Candy & Uncle Billy, Ferd & Larisa…” and so on, and so on.

Add on top of that…when we got inside mom took us to a ballroom outside of which sat a sign, “Kyle & Christen’s Couple’s Shower”.

Uh huh, this was it! We walked inside and saw all our immediate family (some of which drove hours and hours to get there!) and some of our parents’ close friends. How cool!

My mom reads my blog and had done her best to use everything that I said I liked to decorate for the event. Blues and browns everywhere, it really was beautiful! Blue and tan paper lanterns hung from the ceiling,

wedding shower room decor

wedding shower room decor 2

Even her version of Amy Atlas’ dessert tables!

shower dessert table

They served my mom’s famous mint iced tea lemonade (I always know it’s summer when she serves it!) as well as a bunch of desserts made by different members of our families.

My uncle Jim and my mom made lovely speeches. My mom explained to everyone how I have been blogging about our wedding planning (thanks for keeping it a secret, mom :P ), and how she tried to do everything I liked for the shower, even telling everyone about my floral design shower post…only to announce that our florist was coming and going to give a floral arranging class!! Now THAT was a surprise!!!

Sarah from Allium Designs is awesome and I can’t wait for her to do our wedding flowers. She gave us a quick tutorial with some tips and tricks and then circled around helping us all out as we made arrangements of our own. Even most of the guys made arrangements!


flower class

shower flowers

The best part about the class wasn’t that we all got to bring something home afterwards, but rather how it completely squashed any sort of awkwardness of the event and brought both families together. People were meeting and talking to new people, working together, getting each others’ opinions, showing off and complimenting the floral masterpieces (ok, sorta) we had all created.

Girls Bridal Shower

Me, my mom, my fantastic bridesmaid Megan, and our creations!

flower group

Everyone and their masterpieces!

If anyone is considering this idea for their shower, I would say TOTALLY DO IT!!!! It was a perfect activity for the afternoon, especially for the bride who isn’t the “just sit around all afternoon and play embarrassing games” type. What started out to be a somewhat awkward gathering turned into a true celebration by the end. It was such an amazing day. The fact that we got presents was neat, but totally not as neat as the feeling of seeing every single person of both families happy and truly enjoying themselves and the afternoon.

{ all photos courtesy of my aunt }