Ice Cream Cupcakes

I don’t like cake. I have only recently started liking cupcakes because of how cute they can be. So, trying to pick out a cake for the wedding has not really been something I had been looking forward to.

Last week I had our first cake tasting. Mr. had left school early because he was sick so I had to do it solo. While the woman was very nice (although not very helpful) I was completely uninspired and overwhelmed. Not to mention, I really didn’t feel comfortable spending at least $500 on something I wouldn’t love. I knew it would be pretty, but spending that much money on something I’m not even sure everyone would like was not something we wanted to do.

Chocolate Buttercream Cake
{Dustin Todd via Style Me Pretty}

I love that messy buttercream look! Just don’t like what’s underneath it…

So, I asked Mr., “Would it be crazy to have an ice cream cake for our wedding cake? Like, we’d do the actual cake cutting with a regular cake so we wouldn’t worry about it melting, but then WHOOSH…right after that, out comes ice cream cake for everyone?”

He thought it was a good idea so I called Dairy Queen to get pricing on just regular sheet cakes. So fantastically affordable! I asked a few more people what they thought about the idea and was met mostly with “Would be great for a July wedding!” and “It’s your wedding, you should do what you want!”…yes, I know that, but we still want everyone to enjoy themselves and not think we’re totally weird. The best response though? “You know, Maggie Moo’s makes really cute ice cream cupcakes”…BINGO! I promptly checked out their website.

Ice Cream Cupcake chocolate heavenIce Cream Cupcake cool swirl
Ice Cream Cupcake sprinklesunflower
{Maggie Moo’s}

I think we’ve found our solution. As long as our venue will allow us to do them, I think that’s what we’re goin’ with! The best part is that they can be customized! Maybe we could also use our CK monogram stickers as little flags:

CK Monogram
{author’s personal collection}

cupcake flag
{JMM Photography via Style Me Pretty}

What do you think about having ice cream cake or ice cream cupcakes instead of a traditional cake or cupcakes for a summer wedding?