Alchemy at the Barn

So excited to share a gorgeous Inspired Creations Contest concept from Kristy Rice of Momental Designs.  Kristy created a gorgeous tabletop that’s rustic and kind of quirky all at the same time.  Love!

Rustic Wedding Tabletop

Kristy envisioned the couple who would love this concept as avant garde and atypical.  She says:

“An outdoor ceremony and dinner at dusk celebrating the recent union of two artistic types was what I had in mind. They love classical music but also a bit of heavy metal…their color inspirations come from natural, earthy tones but with an accent of gray not brown. Maybe he is a scientist of sorts and has a bug collection. She loves to garden and doesn’t wear gloves while doing so. They both love long, leisurely dinners with friends.”

Rustic Tabletop Handpainted Menu

Created with mostly handmade or found items, this concept was put together with a total expenditure of only $153 (yes you read that right!).

Handtied Orange and White Bouquet

The table was constructed of an old door placed upon two gold spray painted buckets. The doorknob remains for quirky detail and the dirty look that time has placed on the door was left for added texture. I love the thought of each table being made a different door; some unpainted wood, others with stained glass detailing…so pretty! Old doors can be readily found at salvage yards for a great price.

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-03

The flower work by Central Park Flowers was all about contrasts; those spiky orange blooms set beside soft and romantic sweet peas are the perfect example. There was also a massive fiddlehead fern used as a sculptural element simply laid along the length of the table.

Fiddlehead Ferns Monkey Tails

The stationery collection consisting of table number, seating cards, menus, invitation and presentation folder centered around three illustrations: White Scabiosa bloom, ladybug and peasant feathers, which were all drawn in a detailed botanical style. The peach and gold hand painted ladybugs seemed subtly creepy and beautiful all at the same time, and the unexpected gold and aqua paisley paper really popped against the rustic textures elsewhere.

Hand-Painted Wedding Stationery Momental Designs

Illustrated Wedding Invitation Momental Designs

Handcrafted feather details originally designed as hair accessories worked beautifully as accents to place settings and the centerpiece. Tucking feathers here and there seems to make the tablescape come to life somehow!  Fun tip: Make your table embellishments part of the favor and encourage your guests to take home bits as a pretty reminder of the day.

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-17

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-16

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-15

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-14

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-13

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-12

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-11

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-10

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-09

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-08

Kristy found the old 7-UP cooler tossed out in the woods behind her family farm. Hand-picked branches crawled from the cooler with seating cards attached. A few loose flowers placed within the branches gave a spin on the traditional seating card table floral display.

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-07

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-06

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-05

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-04

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-02

A favorite element in this shoot was the tree swing for three! While half the guests would rest on oversized pillows the others would sit on or lean against the low hanging swing. A thick woven throw is nearby to keep everyone warm and cozy.

Tree Swing

Succulent Bouquet

Handpainted Wedding Stationery Momental Designs

Handpainted Place Card Momental Designs

Handpainted Menu Momental Designs

Fun tip: Vintage clip-on earrings act as amazing and affordable alternatives to brooches. They come in pairs (so more bang for your buck) and usually have lovely finishes and beading. Clip them to menus, linens or use as a fun bouquet embellishment.

Handkerchief Bouquet Wrap

Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas-01

The following talented wedding vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Styling, Stationery – Momental Designs
Photography – DarkerShadesofBrown Photography, Daniel Lanton
Floral – Central Park Flowers
Feather accessories – Metro Gypsy
Linens – La Tavola Linen

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