Miami Bachelorette Party

I just got back from a fabulous weekend with my girlfriends in Miami – also known as my Bachelorette Party.  Since my bridesmaids and I live in a total of 9 different cities across the world, we decided to hold my bachelorette party in a destination that would be a vacation for us all.  Some bridesmaids have newborns, others are pregnant, some are across the world and others are underage–so what remained was 6, which proved to be a very celebratory yet manageable group number; perfect for a girls’ weekend on the beach (although we missed my other maids very much)!

We could not have asked for better weather, a better hotel, better food, or better friends—it was perfect; a mix of non-stop dancing until the sun rose the next day, coupled with hours of chillaxin poolside.  It was the best thing, next to my fiancé, that I’ve been fortunate to gain during my engagement–which reminds me, NEVER forget your girlfriends; they are ALSO your soulmates.

Thanks to my fabulous friends for all the effort you put into coming and staying up with me all.night.long!

Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach – Me, bridesmaid Kate, Maid of Honor Maggie, Matron of Honor Pauline

Ocean Drive, Miami Beach – Me (with cute birdcage veil my friends got me), bridesmaid Sara, bridesmaid Kate, maid of honor Maggie, bridesmaid Jen

What are your bachelorette plans?