Stylish Bridal Lingerie

This Inspired Creations Contest concept from The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith features five unique high-fashion bridal lingerie concepts, each complete with coordinating wedding garter and accessories. It shows that lingerie doesn’t have to be trashy or intimidating and proves that today’s lingerie styles are as modern and chic as today’s brides!

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-8

Julianne’s first lingerie concept is stylish and classic for the romantic at heart bride:

  • Ivory and coral lace camisole by Fleur’t Cymbeline
  • Gold Dolce & Gabbana shoes
  • Pink Channel purse
  • Long and short pearl necklaces
  • Punk Rock bride Alex wedding dress
  • Handmade ivory crochet necklace
  • Ivory/coral and pearl rosette stylish wedding garter

Ivory and Coral Stylish Wedding GarterRomantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-5

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-1

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-4Crocheted Necklace

The lovely ivory crocheted necklace was created by A Stitch to Wear.

Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-2Romantic Tasteful Bridal Lingerie-3

The second style is for the traditional bride looking for something blue and sweet.

  • White lace and light blue satin baby doll camisole and panty set by Cosabella
  • Silver Manolo Blahnik shoes
  • White/light blue/lace stylish wedding garter
  • DIY hanger cover hand embroidered in blue
  • Blue/white beaded necklace
  • Royal blue Prada shoes
  • Punk Rock Bride Grace wedding dress

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-3Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-8

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-9

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-6Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-2

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-5

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-7Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-1

If you’re talented with a needle and thread, Julianne provided instructions for creating the gorgeous hand-embroidered hanger cover pictured above.  This pattern requires a basic understanding of sewing and embroidery. The hanger cover can be sewn entirely by hand, instead of on a sewing machine. The fabric, trim and embroidery can be substituted to get the desired look and feel.


  • Hanger
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss + needle
  • Pencil
  • Sewing machine + thread
  • Lace trim
  • Computer + printer


  1. Using pencil, trace outline of hanger onto wrong side of fabric to make a pattern. Cut out two matching hanger outline pattern pieces, allowing at least a 1/4 inch edge (for sewing) around pencil marks.
  2. On the right side of the fabric, sew lace trim separately onto bottom of each pattern piece.
  3. Line pattern pieces up with the right sides of the fabric together. Using machine, sew the pattern pieces together along the pencil marked outline. Leave unsewn the entire lace trimmed bottom, and a small hole at the exact center in the top for the hanger to poke through.
  4. Turn sewn pattern pieces right side out to reveal cover. Slip cover over hanger via the top hanger hook.

To add embroidery:

  1. Using computer, print “hers” onto a piece of paper in preferred size and font.
  2. Using pencil, lightly trace “hers” onto right side of fabric.
  3. Using embroidery floss and needle, use running stitch embroidery stitch to sew over the pencil marks.

Something Blue Bridal Lingerie Tasteful and Sweet-4

Aqua and gold is bold, bright and so chic for the high-style bride.

  • Gold Manolo Blahnik shoes
  • Aqua blue lace bra and panty set by Simone Perele
  • Gold chain necklace
  • Aqua blue satin stylish wedding garter with bow
  • Gold vintage cuff bracelet

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-4

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-3Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-1

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-2

Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-5Aqua and Gold Bridal Lingerie-6

This next concept, purple passion, is for the modern bride looking to feel fun and flirty!

  • White and purple bra and panty set by Simone Perele
  • Purple suede and feather Jimmy Choo shoes
  • White/light purple stylish wedding garter
  • Gold/gray flowered necklace
  • Patchwork Channel purse

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-7Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-5

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-6

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-4

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-2Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-3

Modern Flirty Bridal Lingerie-1

And last but certainly not least, black lace for the sexy and sophisticated bride.

  • Black lace bra and panty set
  • Black lace robe from Cosabella
  • Ivory satin and lace with black detail slip nightgown
  • Black/ivory/lace stylish wedding garter
  • Black satin and beads DIY necklace
  • Black velvet and ivory satin Chanel shoes

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-1

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-4Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-2

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-3

Sophisticated and Elegant Bridal Lingerie-5

The following Washington DC wedding vendors participated in this Inspired Creations Contest concept:

Concept, custom wedding garters – The Garter Girl by Julianne Smith
Photography – Studio Juno Photography
Lingerie – Coupe de Foudre Lingerie
Gowns and location – Punk Rock Bride
Secondary location – Taylor Gourmet
Prop styling – Shelly Steitz