Invitation Preview

Our invitations are officially out and RSVPs have already started coming in! My mom, bridesmaid Julie, and I created the whole thing by ourselves so it was definitely a labor of love. Here’s a look at the final package!

wedding invitation liner

Note to other brides: if designing and printing invitations yourself, do NOT print the RSVP cards first. When it was taking longer than expected to finish up some designs…well, let’s just say I was a wee bit stressed out that we’d give guests enough time to RSVP by the time we finally sent them out. Add onto that my Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator pooping out on me and I was one high-strung chica. BUT, thanks to some late nights getting things together and a long assembly party with my mom and bridesmaid Megan we were able to get them out the door.

invitation photo
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It’s neat looking back at all the thoughts, ideas, and inspiration that went into our invitations and as I look at them again, I know I wouldn’t change a thing! What I’m most shocked about though is how close they are to our original idea. I had expected to change my mind every couple weeks!

Did your final invitations turn out like you had originally envisioned? Or did you change your ideas several times before the version that finally went out the door?