Morning of the Wedding

I woke up thirty minutes before my alarm went off at 6:30am, looked out the window, saw the rain, and to my surprise sprung from bed un-phased shouting with glee, “It’s wedding day!”  See, I ALREADY knew there were going to be scattered showers (what bride doesn’t check the forecast beginning ten days ahead?). And over the past 30 years, I’ve learned that there are two things I can’t control: my age and the weather.  So be it!  It was still a warm summer day and in the end turned out to a beautiful evening, so I am happy I let it be.

Soon after I woke, our makeup artist Jo from Sonia Roselli Weddings and our hair stylist Morgan Blaul arrived and began setting up.  At the same time, my bridesmaids started to arrive and the champagne to flow (and didn’t stop until we arrived at the church minutes before the ceremony).  The music was loud, breakfast was divine, the coffee was hot and girls were just having fun.

{Just part of the amazing breakfast (fruit and canapes) provided by my MOH Maggie and catered by famous Polish deli in Chicago, named, no less Kasia’s Deli.}


Jo and Morgan both did an amazing time on my hair and makeup. As soon as hair and makeup was done, I was off to my childhood bedroom upstairs to put on my dress and accessories!

{My shoes in silver}

{My earrings}

And finally, The Dress.

dresss2back of dress

It’s hard to choose a favorite moment from my wedding day (week) because they were all filled with such momentous emotions just as that morning was.


It was still lightly raining as we left the house for the trolley ride to church but I was in a great mood. My sister Pauline (Matron of Honor) with her kiddos, my flowergirls and ringbearer, dressed in handmade Polish folk costumes from Krakow on our trolley.

And we were on our way to the church!  As soon as I sat in the trolley, it HIT me, and the nerves shot up my body like lightening.  Thankfully, my nieces and nephew started a singing a jolly rendition of “Going to the Chapel”  and before we knew it we were at the church and I was getting married.

Next Up: Arriving at the Church