Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Tent Details

After our first look, I took a quick walk-through of the tent, looked around, and just stood in awe. Everything I had planned for was set-up. I pointed to one of the tables and said “Oh, wow! That looks so nice!” and my cousin turned to me and said “Well, you should like it! You picked everything out!” Good point cousin–but I hadn’t seen it yet. It had all been hypothetical. Seeing everything come together was a big deal.

pink potted plant centerpiece

The lanterns! Oh the lanterns, what a journey. Thanks so much to Abbie for introducing me to these dahlia lanterns, they were absolutely beautiful in the tent. I ordered 36 in different sizes in red, pink, green, and the dahlia print and they lit up the tent beautifully.

paper lanternsPink-Peony-Bouquet1

A view of what each table looked like, complete with mini roses and owl cookies. We had 16 total, with about 150 guests.


I’m not sure I will ever witness the boy crafting ever again, but he helped me and my sister make two paper wreaths for our sweetheart table. I almost gave up on the wreaths because they were so time consuming, but we were able to finish despite some paper cuts and double-sided tape all over our fingers. They are similar to the one I made over the holidays.  This gorgeous rose was at our sweetheart table. The coir pot is biodegradable, and I purchased 80 for our tables at $3.50 for 10, probably the best deal of the wedding. The mini roses were ordered via Home Depot, and we potted all of them ourselves!


I designed the menu to look similar to our invitations and printed them at Kinko’s. To stand them up, I glued a stiff piece of folded kraft paper to the back. To save paper and money, I only had one per table. For our table numbers, I designed these 3 x 3 squares and printed them at Kinko’s. I spray-painted bamboo skewers and used double-sided table to adhere the paper. This was one of my last projects, and I was really happy with how they turned out!

diy wedding menupink and red coir pot centerpieces

I knew I planned that long for a reason. Stay tuned for more details!

*All images by Jessamyn Harris and Sheri Tennison Berg for Jessamyn Harris Photography