Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: Pre-ceremony

After our first look and a quick glance at everything in the tent, I went back in hiding to the bridal trailer, aka, dumping ground for all my crap and place where I could silently freak out. I typically read about people wanting to come and see the bride before the ceremony and the bridesmaids having to shoo them away, but I actually didn’t have that problem at all and had a good amount of time all by myself. Luckily my two girlfriends and sisters kept me company up until the venue coordinator came by and told me “It’s 5 until the hour, but not that many people are here. What do you want to do?”

ribbon wands and fan programsceremony aisle mason jar decor
{Our welcome basket, filled with fan programs and ribbon wands; mason jar arrangements by the talented Rae Florae}

I didn’t have to say anything, my sister answered for me: “10 minutes, or we’re starting whether or not people are here.” With 10 minutes to go, my friends went to go sit down, and my sisters went to make sure all the programs were passed out and that people were making their way to the ceremony area. In my head, I thought there were maybe a couple people sitting down, but there was actually a lot of hustle and bustle outside with a good amount of people.

wedding ceremony parasols
{My godmother and her sister, shading themselves with umbrellas.}

My cousin (she’s holding the basket) made these incredible ribbons wands for people to twirl during the ceremony. There is an origami rose at the top of the dowel and she made each and every one! Punch and pink lemonade were available before and after the ceremony. The amazing team at Crown Point Catering made the punch bright red and the lemonade pink to match our colors.

ribbon wands with origami rosespink and red lemonade and punch

The boy was chatting it up with his boy posse from school, while the guitarist strummed softly in the background.

vineyard wedding ceremonywedding ceremony guitarist

Our fan programs were being read (thank goodness). Side note: This DIY project was the most time consuming. I sent my design files to greenerprinter.com and had them printed on 5×7 kraft board. I then had to tape the two sides to a popsicle stick, and because I like to torture myself, tied a bow around each one.

diy fan programs

Meanwhile, back at the trailer…I stood in front of the mirror amidst all the empty boxes that used to hold stuff for the wedding.

I heard a voice outside. “They’re ready! Time to line-up!”

I picked up my train and walked out to join my family in line.

*All images by Jessamyn Harris and Sheri Tennison Berg for Jessamyn Harris Photography