A Theme that Fits Us

After we decided on the venue, my mind immediately began racing with ideas for decor and the theme. One of the things I knew I wanted to do was integrate the theme and colors of our wedding in with the style and feel of the venue. I have always loved the rustic/vintage style of weddings that are oh so popular right now, but when thinking about the style of our venue, I knew there was a better fit.

I am a big fan of history and travel, so I have to show off the images below from our venue. The one on the left is of the private dining room at the restaurant. The door is an old castle door from Spain (I believe it’s from the 13th century). I wish I had a better picture, it is beautiful! Outside of the door there is a beautiful chandelier and the entire clubhouse has Spanish artwork. The other image is of the entryway to the clubhouse. The fountain in the front is an old fountain from a casita in Mexico. I am in love with Spain (I went there for a study abroad trip a few years ago) and Mike’s family is from Mexico, so these two elements really stuck out to me. None of our guests will actually see either of these beautiful features, but they gave me such great inspiration!

{author’s personal collection}

Mike and I had a few criteria for what we wanted in the style of our wedding. We wanted something that first of all, represented us. Mike is hispanic with his family originating from Spain, so we wanted to integrate parts of his culture (Mexican march & margaritas!). I am full German and my family is from the midwest, so we will definitely be incorporating some traditions from my family as well (beer and polka!). We also wanted to have a style and theme to our wedding that is classic and timeless so we could look back on it in ten years and still love it.

The theme we decided on is an Old World/Spanish style with a very romantic and organic feel. One of the weddings that really inspired me was this one from Style Me Pretty.

{Image via Style Me Pretty by Elizabeth Messina}

I knew I wanted to stick with a color palette of mostly ivory, tan, gold, brown and champagne tones, but I also knew I wanted to add in hints of turquoise.

{image via Style Me Pretty by Elizabeth Messina}

I also had a few rules for the flowers – absolutely no pink and no ‘normal’ roses. I decided that there would be plenty of greenery in the centerpieces and bouquets with all ivory flowers consisting of peonies, garden roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus and football mums. I also wanted to somehow incorporate peach and yellow colors. The florist that we ended up picking, Fiori Floral, had such a great suggestion of using peaches, lemons and kumquats instead of more flowers. I loved the idea and it definitely fit with the organic theme we were going for. It was really challenging to explain the look we were going for without a whole lot of images to show…especially for the centerpieces. The wedding from the above images sparked the inspiration for our theme, but I definitely have so many more unique details that I can’t wait to share!

Are you using a theme for your wedding? If so, how are you integrating it into your venue?