Getting Ready

I woke up the morning of our wedding day at 6:30 to sunny skies and my mother playing “I’m Gettin’ Married in the Mornin’” from My Fair Lady. It was a a beautiful day! After a shower and some juice the girls started showing up. Before I knew it, our hairdresser and makeup artist were already there and the preparations had begun! Our incredible florist, Sarah of Allium Design, dropped off the bouquets (3 bridesmaid, 1 flowergirl, and me!) at 8:30 before heading to setup the venue. I was floored at how beautiful they were! I think this was crying session #1 for my mom and step-mom?

peach and green bouquets
{all photos by Punam Bean}

cream and green bride bouquet

I followed Sarah to our venue to drop some last minute things off (I had hoped to drop them off the day prior but our contact there never returned my phone call…?!?!?! What vendor doesn’t call a bride back the day before her wedding?). The tables, place settings, linens, etc were to be set up the night before so that Sarah could just set up as soon as she got there at 9AM. Well…after waiting for the doors to finally be unlocked for us, this is what we walked in to:

After numerous phone calls to the girl we had been talking to and planning with for 14 months prior to our wedding in order to ask what the heck was going on, what do we learn? We learn that SHE IS ON VACATION AND DIDN’T TELL US.

Um, what? Even after she said the week before that she would be with us the entire time for our reception. I did my best though and restrained the bridezilla that had hatched inside of me. Besides, the people who I was with were not responsible for her actions, they were there to just figure out how to make it work. Sarah and her husband did an amazing job of figuring out how to keep me calm but work quickly as well. Anyway, I think you feel my frustration…let’s just fast forward back to the fun stuff.

One of my bridesmaids was on tour with a drum & bugle corps all summer and flew from Denver to Philadelphia on a red eye the morning of the wedding. It was a little bit stressful for both of us (what if something happened with the flight??), but when I got back from the venue she had finally made it! Angel and Nicole (our hair and makeup artists) got to work with their magic and back at home things were running along quite smoothly. We finished up some last minute details, Julie and Caroline on the guest book and guest book sign (and Julie self-tannering her sock tan), while I finished an extra couple place cards. It was actually the first time we had all ever been together (not even for the shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal) since everyone lives so far apart and I really enjoyed spending the morning with my favorite ladies.

Soon, Punam arrived and it was time for the finishing touches before getting dressed!

punam bean wedding photography

punam bean wedding photography

After makeup and hair were finished, I happened to look outside and see our transportation…a surprise from Kyle!

vintage cars wedding transportation

Not just one amazing car, but THREE vintage cars! A gift from a friend of Kyle’s great-grandfather…even cooler.

vintage car wedding getaway

The drama at the venue had pushed us all back a bit so the finishing touches were all kinda rushed and hectic…but totally fun and hilarious. Before I knew it, my bridesmaids were floating around in a flurry of blue getting me buttoned, zipped, primped, and ready to go!

punam bean wedding photography

Next up…I’ll be a Mrs.!!