Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: The Ceremony

Our ceremony was 7 minutes long. I know that it was 7 minutes long because my Uncle recorded it and the entire video lasts 15 minutes. That means that it took longer for everyone to walk down the aisle than it did for the actual ceremony! It was short, sweet, personalized, and our good friend officiated. Perfect.


vineyard wedding ceremony
{One of my sister’s favorites (and mine!) of us walking up the aisle together.}

Our officiant and friend, let me dress him up in a red bow tie. Doesn’t he look cute? The boy’s brother and cousin walked down the aisle, in addition to his parents. My family followed.

officiant in red bow tieRed-Bow-Tie

{My sister and popo (grandmother); my sister and neice}

{My cute parents! My Mom had the cutest outfit on that my sister helped pick out–photo by Rosanna}

And then it was our turn. On my way to the arbor, my dress caught on a rock, and all my fears about my train ripping off came rushing back to me. You’ll be happy to know that I won and the rock lost!

{Here I am checking out the crowd–oh good! People showed up!}

{We met in the middle.}

{And linked arms down the aisle to join our family.}

We started off with the story of how we met, and then took turns reading the vows we wrote. My sisters and Mom told me after that it was hard to concentrate because there was a huge wasp caught in my train and they were afraid it would come up and bite me once I moved. They love me.



{In a lot of the photos, I am inexplicably laughing while everyone around me is completely still. Apparently something was really funny during this moment.}

We also exchanged rings, which proved physically difficult for me. Here I am, attempting to put his ring on.


{…still trying…}

I ended up just shoving it on the pinky finger. Okay, okay, let me try again.


Um, I think we need to call Tiffany and ask for the ring to be re-sized…


Here he is just putting the ring on himself. Probably not my best moment, but definitely memorable.


Never mind the technical difficulties, we were married! I now pronounce you married! You may now hug and kiss each other.


And it was over, just like that! We walked back out together, ready to party.


{That’s my Baba (Daddy). Welcome to the family.}

*All images, unless otherwise noted, by Jessamyn Harris and Sheri Tennison Berg for Jessamyn Harris Photography