Dancing ’til Dawn

To help ensure the dance floor was packed, we provided flip-flops with a sign informing guests to take one. This was a huge hit-nearly every woman was wearing them by midnight!

{all photos by Missy Photography unless otherwise noted}

As soon as our first dances were over, the crowd moved in and started dancing.  Our DJ read our guests like a book of tarot cards and knew exactly what to play that would get more people on the floor with each subsequent song.  The dance party went strong all the way until two in the morning (at which point we moved the party to a dive bar down the street until 5 in the morning).

{My nieces and nephew dancing to “Party in the USA.”}

{There are MANY others just like this with various guests :)  Everyone got down. }

{The adorable Mother of the Bride boogying :) }

{A candid shot of us on the dance floor, around 1am…Taken by bride’s friend. }

In addition to the sweet table that guests grazed at all night, we incorporated a Polish tradition by serving bigos at midnight–right at the point when people might be itching to leave for a late-night snack. Our caterer was kind enough to heat it up and serve it in a corner of the atrium. My father (who insisted on this tradition) was delighted as most of our guests ate not only one, not two, but helped themselves to three servings! Party on!

As guests departed, there was one final surprise: we served cookies and milk in addition to the African CD mixes on a table near the exit.

{DIY cookie bags}

{Cookie lollipops (courtesy of our caterer Andy at Ravenswood)}

Although most guests left just before 2am, my husband and I joined the 30 or so at a late-night bar until dawn–we just did not want the night to end!

Next Up: Morning After Surprise!