Morning After Surprise

We arrived at the Whitehall Hotel at 5 in the morning, overhearing the doorman on his walkie talkie, “They are fiiiiinally here!”  We quickly checked in and ran upstairs, only to find that our room had been upgraded to the suite by our wedding block coordinator.

Our amazing terrace.

Our guests stayed at the Whitehall at a reasonable rate, and personally, I think its one of the best locations in Chicago for tourists to explore (it’s right across from the Four Seasons)!

After checking out our new digs, we called room service and ordered breakfast (it was 6am at this point) and the New York Times.  A few months before our wedding, I had submitted a wedding announcement to the Times and had just been informed the week of our wedding that it may or may not make it.  I felt like Charlotte in Sex and the City as I anxiously awaited for its arrival.  As soon as the bell rang, I ran through the suite to accept the deliveries, and then darted back to the bedroom with Nova Lox in one hand (honoring NYC) and the Times in the other.  As I frantically tore through the New York Times, with a Mimosa in hand, my husband observed my neurotic behavior by laying against the terrace eating a salmon bagel and drinking a Bloody Mary.  I finally found the Sunday Styles section, and lo and behold, we made it!

We slept for a few hours but were awoken by numerous texts and phone calls of friends wanting to meet up for brunch.  We chose a location near the hotel, with outdoor seating and large screen TVs (to watch the World Cup games), and hung out there for half the day as guests came and went.  One of our best decisions was to leave the day after the wedding free, to spend time with dear guests who traveled from afar just for our wedding.

Not a bad way to start our married life together.

What did you do the day after your wedding?  Are you planning on sticking around?

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