Our Nebraska Wedding: Getting Pretty!

After we finished getting our hair done, it was time to head back to the hotel and complete the look!

Like I said…we were well ahead of schedule and still had a good hour or so before Khara showed up to start snappin’ pics.  So my friend, and personal attendant extraordinaire #1 got started with my make-up.

{pic via author’s personal collection}

After we finished with my make-up we just sorta hung out and chatted…and sipped on coffee and mimosas!

{pic via author’s personal collection}

As I think back now I remember feeling once again…extremely relaxed during this time!  I was actually wondering when the nerves would set in!  I think the fact that we were not rushed had a lot to do with it.  I tend to freak out in situations where I feel rushed and unprepared…so when I was scheduling everything I made sure to add in a good 30min cushion between everything.  This especially comes in handy when something unexpected comes up…luckily that didn’t happen to us bet it very well could have!

Just before noon there was a knock on our hotel door…and in walked Khara and her fab husband (& 2nd shooter) Emir!  I remember feeling a rush of excitement at that moment…now that our photographer had arrived…it was time to get this show on the road!

While Khara was busy snapping a few quick detail shots…

our flowers arrived!

{pic via author’s personal collection}

After a quick glance at my beautiful bouquet…it was finally time to put on my dress!!

As the girls looked on…

my other personal attendant extraordinaire got down to business with making my lace dress look perfect!  A little body tape goes a long way!

I was just about ready to go…

all that was left were a few final touches!

Coming up next…I throw on my final accessories and we check in on the guys!

all pics by Kabloom studios unless otherwise noted