Mini-Moon in Mexico

My husband and I knew early on we wanted to go on an exotic honeymoon far, far, FAR away.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do it right after the wedding.  In addition to exhausting our finances and planning on the wedding, June was a very busy month for both of us at work. So we decided that we would save up for a few months after the wedding and began planning for it the week after.

However, both of us still needed a break post-wedding and wanted to go somewhere romantic to relish our first few days together.  Originally, we were looking at swanky hotel locations in downtown Chicago, where we got married, but recognized that we’d probably be tempted to still hang out with family and friends in the area since we currently live in Houston.  Furthermore, it was getting hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a hotel suite when we could just stay with our in-laws pretty much next door.

We then began looking at romantic U.S. destinations we could overnight in on our transit back to Houston.  We looked into Sedona, Arizona; Savannah, Georgia; Key West, Florida and Santa Fe, New Mexico.  However, the flights were ridiculously expensive and the hotels too.  Moreover, and more importantly, we could not find any direct flights, so we would have had to travel nearly a full day before we would have arrived at any of those destinations.  Since we could only afford two days after our wedding to unwind, we crossed this off our list.

I was growing hopeless until I checked the flight tickets to Mexico on a whim.  I found a direct flight to Cancun that only took 3 hours and was just $100 more then it would be to just fly back to Houston after our wedding!  We booked it immediately and grew excited about our two-day “mini-moon.”  Furthermore, since we booked these tickets rather last minute, I looked for hotel specials and was able to book us a swim-up suite at the ultra-luxe Excellence Hotel in Playa Mujeres for half the cost!

Right outside our swim-up suite.

Overall, the two days we spent at this amazing hotel in Mexico, including our flight cost, cost the same as staying in a suite at a super swanky hotel in downtown Chicago for one night—score!  And we are so glad we did it.  Although we took an amazing honeymoon three months after the wedding, we had the true honeymoon treatment right after our wedding.

mexico mini honeymoon
Royal Honeymoon Treatment

Even if it was for just two days, it was all we needed!

mexico mini moon
Life is Good.

Will you be taking a mini-moon?

Next Up:  Our Honeymoon in an exotic location far, far, FAR away.