Our Nebraska Wedding: The First Look

For the sake of being completely honest…our ‘First Look’ wasn’t all that I envisioned it to be.

Now ok yes…I WAS looking forward to seeing Lance for the first time…and more so for him to see ME all done up in my dress…but I guess in my head I had fantasies about overflowing emotions, chirping birds, perfect sunlight, a few horses running by…ok ok…no horses…but you get the point.  Several brides before me have named this “moment” as one of their favorites from the entire day….and I guess after months and months of thinking about it I sorta assumed it would be one of mine as well.  It made the list yes…but so many other moments throughout the day surpassed it.

I walked up to Lance…he looked at me…I looked at him…we hugged…and then we stood their awkwardly not sure what to do.  There were no tears or shocking revelations…it was just US.  Which in a way was perfect…right?!

Regardless it was a special moment…even sans running horses…and we have some cute pics from it thanks to Khara and Emir.

We set up in the atrium of the hotel…for convenience reasons mostly.  We were both there..and orchestrating a meet-up somewhere else would have been a bit time consuming and not schedule-efficient.

See that look on Lance’s face…that’s his “not really sure what I should be doing right now so guess I’ll just awkwardly smile” look.

This is my, “ok let’s get this over with so Lance and I can hang out again…oh and get married” look

Now there’s a smile I recognize!

Now to the regular spectator this would look like a very cute, emotional-filled hug…which it was don’t get me wrong!  But…Lance and I NEVER hug like this!  We totally hug in a different way…as in I usually put my arms under his, not over, cause I’m short way.  Why we didn’t do it this time is beyond me…probably a mixture of nerves and awkward-not-knowing what to do-ness.

Here’s where I ask Lance what he thinks of my dress…as I awkwardly keep my hand on his shoulder.  The look on his face is priceless!  I guess he approved!

I could tell that Lance felt very awkward and nervous so I did my best to try and make him laugh…

but apparently my jokes were confusing.  See what I mean?!  Not exactly overflowing-horse-running-by-emotions here!  It looks as though we’re discussing our monthly budget.

So we threw in the towel…not sure what to do next we both looked at Khara hoping for some instructions…as in let’s get out of here and get married already!!  Which we did!

Now I hope you don’t think I’m a total freak.  I don’t sit awake at night wishing we had orchestrated something fabulous for our first look.  In fact, looking at these pictures makes me laugh more than anything!  They are us to-a-T!  We aren’t overly emotional people…and neither of us dig being the center of attention.  So instead of our ‘first-look’ being a big production…for us it was a drawn out way of saying hello…we just happened to be looking quite smashing at the time!

I guess my point is this.  Not everything will go the way you imagine it will in your head.  Instead of worrying about people around you try and live in the moment…we obviously struggled at this.  Above all be yourself…don’t feel like you have to cry or do things you wouldn’t normally do just because there are people watching and a few cameras too.  Just my 2 cents ;)

So tell me…how was your first look?  Was it all or more than you built it up to be?

*all photos by Kabloom Studios