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Our Engagement Session

Choosing the right photographer was very important to both of us. I’m an art director for a publication company, so I work with photographers on a regular basis. I knew the look I wanted our pictures to have, the challenge was just finding someone who matched that style. While the vintage  themed engagement sessions are very trendy right now, we wanted something that would be classic, timeless and fit the rest of our wedding. We wanted to look like ourselves and not use props or set up a fake scene. Our idea was to use locations that are special and meaningful to us. Since Mike trusted me on this, I met with a few photographers on my own. I found a few good ones that might have worked, but I still wasn’t sure. My last meeting was with our former next door neighbor, Merek Davis. He had done a few photoshoots for Mike’s bands and is more well-known for his work with bands (he photographed Frankie Muniz!) and his amazing editing skills, but I figured if he could do that, he could do amazing wedding photography too! When I met with him, he brought over a presentation on his iPad of weddings he has shot and the prints and albums that are included in his wedding packages. After seeing his wedding photography and talking to him about our wedding, I was sure he would do an amazing job! Him and his fiance work together on weddings and we love seeing how excited they get when we tell them details about our wedding and what we are looking for.

A few weeks ago we completed our two-day engagement shoot with them and I am so excited to finally be sharing these pictures with you! We did part of the shoot on South Mountain in the exact spot where Mike proposed along with a few other spots to get some amazing sunset shots. The other part of the shoot took place at our wedding venue inside the restaurant, courtyard and in a grassy area. Since Mike is a musician and plays the piano, we wanted to get a few shots of us sitting at their baby grand piano at the venue. It was so fun to see Merek get so excited about all of the possible photo opportunities our venue has, but we’re saving those shots for the big day.















Photography by Davis Wedding Photographers

Did you choose a location with special meaning for your engagement session?