My future brother-in-law’s big day!

Hi all! I’m sure you are all curious as to what happened to me over the past few weeks and why I haven’t posted in a while. Well, if you remember in an earlier post, I mentioned that Mike’s brother is getting married. That wedding was this past Saturday! We have had a very busy couple of weeks helping them get everything ready (I made the invites, menus, programs, name cards, etc), but it was all worth it. The wedding was beautiful and they had an amazing time. She was absolutely stunning, take a look.


Do you see me at the far left? I was trying to hold back the tears. The ceremony was so amazing and my future brother-in-law Steve was so emotional when his bride came down the aisle. I will definitely post many more pictures in the next few weeks, once their professional pictures are in.

I just have to share another of my favorite pictures that my mom was able to take from this weekend. My fiance’s parents have one grandchild and they are very close to her. She is 18 months and was the flower girl, but wouldn’t really make it down the aisle by herself, so she had a little help from Grandma and Poppi.


Isn’t she adorable? My amazing mother made her dress and we are going to alter it so she can wear it our wedding as well.

Also, a big congratulations to Jillian, as her big day was also this past Saturday!