Our Nebraska Wedding: Pre-Ceremony Jitters

As we were finishing up our portraits some of our guests were already starting to arrive!  Before they found their seats they were greeted by our thumbprint-tree guest book.

Going with the thumbprint tree was sort of a last-minute decision.  After seeing them all over the blogosphere I sorta fell in love with it!  Not to mention it went perfectly with our outdoor, rustic theme!

I purchased ours off of Etsy and our guests seemed to love it!  Green thumbs and all!

{pic via author’s personal collection}

So where was I while all this fun thumb-stamping was happening?!  Here.

{pic via author’s personal collection}

That’s right…I was sitting in a chair about mid-way up a flight of stairs…hiding!

Turns out the upstairs of the barn where we threw all our bags, etc was HOT and mega humid!  The downstairs part of the barn had ac…but of course guests were going in and out of the area to use the restrooms.  So…I picked a spot where I could still catch a bit of the ac…and yet stay hidden from our guests!  I was one giant ball of nerves at this point…that water bottle in my hand used to be a mini-wine bottle that I started to chug.  Luckily one of my personal attendants decided to replace it with the water ;)

Meanwhile outside our string quartet had started to play…

our family and friends were finding their seats…

and our parents were about to be seated.

First was Lance’s mother, escorted by one of our ushers and long time friend of Lance’s.

Followed by my Mother who was escourted by my handsome little brother!

Soon after, Lance made his way out with our pastor… as our bridal party waited for their cue to walk up the aisle.

It was Go Time!

Up next…the wedding party and I finally make our trip down the aisle…and the show begins!

*all photos by Kabloom Studios unless otherwise noted.