Looking Back and Moving On

As I was preparing for this final post, I reviewed the first inspiration board I made and realized that I stayed rather true to it.  I made a few alterations, due to budget or availability, but in essence I executed my plans and made my decisions  based on my original inspiration.  Inspiration boards are useful like outlines–they can act as a road-map for producing the wedding of your dreams, but you can add or edit details as you plan.

{Original Inspiration Board}

{Actual Wedding Collage}

It’s been nearly six months since our wedding, and I’ve just finally sat through and sorted out all 13 hours of video footage.  We initially were unsure of spending money on a videographer but I am so glad we did.  Although I adore the artistic short videos many videographers make, I was looking only for raw footage of our wedding day, and a lot of it.  I pretty much wanted all 13 hours to be recorded and I wanted to edit it myself.  The footage caught is hysterical.  From my groom stepping on my gown during vows, to my father-in-law tripping his sister-in-law on the dancefloor, my husband and I laughed and cried (literally) all day long as we perused the footage.  And the toasts, oh my, the toasts….how devastating it would have been had I not had these on tape!  Such wonderful words and memories.  Anyway, I condensed the footage into a more watchable 7 minutes so I could share it with others, so if you have the time, take a peek.

Dave and Kasia’s Wedding

Thanks for letting me share such a special 18 months with you all.  It’s been such a joy and truly one of the most exciting and exhausting experiences of my life.   Alas, the new year is upon us however, and its time to move on.  My best friend just got engaged and I am off to Mexico this weekend to scout wedding venues with her.   2011 is all hers, and YOURS!  Good luck you all!