Mo+Boy Tie the Knot: The First Dance


We did not choreograph anything. We definitely did a lot of swaying. We managed one turn, which I think is pretty good considering we have two left feet.

And there were no maracas and no Celine Dion. [Thank goodness]

Since we have no song to call our own, it was actually a pretty un-romantic process of listening to a bunch of songs that we thought we could easily sway to. The boy really likes Frank Sinatra, so my first thought was to go with something more classic. Also, I was told “nothing weird” so that already ruled out a bunch of songs.

The Very Thought of You played as our family walked down the aisle, so I thought it would be nice to dance to it as well.

La Vie en Rose was also considered, as was I Could Have Danced All Night because once upon a time in 2003 I put it on a mixed CD for him and he still listens to it. In the end, we danced to I Wished For You by Jasmine Ash, which if you watch Ugly Betty[SPOILER!] is the song played when Bobby proposes to Hilda. It got the seal of approval from the boy, the sister, and the friend, because it sounded very sweet, and for its excellent swaying possibilities.


I’m not even sure he remembers what song we danced to, but I saw a few tears well up in his eyes while we did the middle school shuffle. I’m pretty sure he’s glad we didn’t end up playing air maracas.

Do you have a song? What did you dance to at your wedding?

* Photos by Jessamyn Harris and Sheri Tennison Berg for Jessamyn Harris Photography