Warm Up with Hot Cocoa

In the depth of winter there is nothing more marvelous than a steaming mug of hot cocoa.  And of course, cocoa kits make the perfect favors for any winter wedding.  Sara Gray put together these adorable hot cocoa kits for the Inspired Creations holiday contest (run on over and sign up in the sidebar for the Inspired Creations newsletter, coming out tomorrow, and see the rest of the holiday contest entries!).


Supplies needed:

  • Wooden box – $5.99
  • Double-sided scrapbook paper – $.99
  • One sheet of pennant scrapbook stickers – $3.99
  • Plastic spice jars with lids – $9.99
  • Double-sided tape – $1.99
  • “Hip Hip Hooray” die-cut scrapbook paper – $2.99
  • Hot cocoa mix – $3.50
  • Assorted bulk spices – $1


1)  Make the hot cocoa.  If the spices you purchase are in coarse chunks, grind them finer using a mortar and pestle. This is especially important for the lavender flowers. After mixing the spices with the cocoa, pour the cocoa mix through a funnel into the containers, making sure to label each variety with a fine-tip Sharpie and the bigger pennant stickers.

Lavender Cocoa (2 servings):

8 tbsp. hot cocoa mix
1 tbsp. finely ground dried lavender flowers

Orange Cocoa (2 servings):

8 tbsp. hot cocoa mix
2 tbsp. finely ground dried orange  peel

Spicy Cinnamon Cocoa (2 servings):

8 tbsp. hot cocoa mix
1 tbsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 tbsp. cayenne pepper



2)  Measure the inside of the box; cut a square of the scrapbook paper and stick it to the bottom of the box with double-sided tape. Then measure the plastic window in the box and cut another square of paper. Write the instructions for the cocoa inside the square, mount the die-cut piece on the paper so it shows through the window and mount the whole piece inside the window with double-sided tape. The instructions for the cocoa should be taken from the container of cocoa. It will change depending on the brand.


3)  Decorate the outside of the box with the remaining pennant stickers: First, draw lines with your Sharpie to mimic a hanging string. Then stick the stickers on just over the edge of the lines so it looks like they’re hanging. If they poke down below the edge, snip the edges off.


View the printable version for Sara’s hot cocoa gift box here!  And for some more hot cocoa inspiration:

{hot chocolate kits from SHIM + SONS in adorable Weck jars}

{hot chocolate and marshmellows from Oh Hello Friend}

{hot cocoa drink straws and homemade marshmellows, photography and styling by Amanda Auer}

{hot chocolate on a stick from GiversLog via Twig & Thistle}

And a few other cocoa lovelies from around the web:

Are you tempted to add cocoa to your wedding?  :)  What about other fun edible favors, like S’more kits or pie in a jar?

*Sara Gray is one of EAD’s fabulous featured vendors. For information on EAD’s editorial policies, click here.