How to Make a Boutonniere

Boutonnieres are an easy DIY project, great for floral beginners and fun because you can use the basic technique to make all sorts of variations to customize it to the look of your wedding!  I picked up the pretty peach roses, white ranunculus, and eucalyptus at my local Whole Foods, but of course, any flowers will work.


Here is what you will need:

  • Rose stem with good leaves
  • Small ranunculus stem
  • Eucalyptus stem
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Wire (optional, for soft stems)
  • Lace ribbon
  • Corsage pin


First, snip leaves off of the rose stem.  Find a good section of greenery, as it will become the backing for your boutonniere.  Wash and dry the leaves.  Next, cut the ranunculus stem, rose stem, and eucalyptus stem to your desired length – leave approximately 3″ at the end of the rose and ranunculus stem, and be sure that your eucalyptus stem is long enough to be taller than the rose.  Then, pull any brown leaves off of the rose and ranunculus.



Next, lay the flowers out in the placement you want for your final boutonniere.


Snip the eucalyptus leaves off the stem towards the bottom, so that you have no leaves on the handle of your boutonniere.


If your ranunculus stem is soft and bendy, you can wire it to be sure your flower has some support. Cut a small piece of floral wire.  Poke it through the top of the stem.  Bend down and wrap around stem, then wrap with floral tape.


Stack your flowers, pinch stems together, and wrap with floral tape.


Starting at the bottom and winding your way up, wrap lace ribbon around the boutonniere handle.  Secure in back with a corsage pin.




I used the rest of my flower purchases to make a simple, tall centerpiece for my windowsill.  I love the smell of the eucalyptus!