Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

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A line that was not uttered at our ceremony, thank goodness. Not like anyone would have spoken up, unless they were trying to be a smarty-pants, but still it was nice that the split second of nervousness that might have caused did not happen. Here’s what DID happen though.

We got to the church late because of all the venue coordinator drama that happened in the morning, so things were a bit rushed getting in there. We only had a couple minutes to get in the church, get my veil on (NOTE: Have your hairdresser put your veil in if possible! Mine was totally loose and kept falling out because no one knew how to get it in), and get lined up to go inside. The bridesmaids and flowergirl all looked so pretty lined up! Soon, the doors were open and I walked down the aisle on my uncle’s arm.

I’m glad Punam took this shot because I have pretty bad eyesight. I could see Kyle standing at the altar but couldn’t see the expression on his face or really anything at all until I got much closer.

Bride Aisle

Another note to brides-to-be: have your dress steamed BEFORE you get it altered. I was worried about tripping on my dress the entire time down the aisle since when it was steamed, it ended up being longer than it was when it was originally altered. Oops.

It was so great to see everyone in the church! Some of Kyle’s students came to the wedding too, it was such a fun surprise to see so many of them there.

The ceremony was lovely although Kyle totally got called out by our pastor. Our first date he was supposed to show me around town since I’d be moving there in a few months. Well, our pastor MapQuested how far away we actually were from the center of town that night: 20.9 miles. So much for showing me around! The date went well enough that I got the tour in the next couple months though :)

I love this photo of my aunt and uncle…

Bride Groom Altar

Blue Bridesmaids

“Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip”…I had to hold Kyle back a bit and tell him to slow down so that I wouldn’t trip on the way out. He was too excited to get out of the church though so we could have a moment to take it all in!

We didn’t do a grand exit as we left the church or anything, and I’m glad we didn’t. Instead of a receiving line though, we came right back into the church after we recessed and dismissed each row, greeting everyone on their way out. This only worked because there weren’t more than 100 people at the ceremony though since any more would have taken way too long! All the hugging did have a detrimental effect on my hair though…totally flattened it out! Not cool.

How did you leave the ceremony?

*all images courtesy of Punam Bean