Announcing Inspired Creations Contest #2: Glitter and Glam!

It’s time for round 2 of the Inspired Creations Contest!  If you’ve been around EAD for a while, you might remember all of the fabulousness of our last Inspired Creations Contest.  If you’re new, well, hold onto your hats because it’s a special kind of awesome.

Along with The Sweetest Occasion, Elizabeth Anne Designs is proud to host the Inspired Creations Contest #2: Glitter and Glam! As we did last time, we are challenging wedding vendors to team up to produce a unique wedding concept, with a budget under $500.   But this time, since glitz and glam is going to be all the rage this year, we’re asking you to include a bit of sparkle in your idea!  Sequins, glitter, tinsel, beads, metallics – we want to see how all of you talented event pros incorporate this trend in fresh and unique ways.  We’re positive these concepts will be nothing short of brilliant.


For complete contest rules and requirements, visit the Inspired Creations Contest homepage.   Glitter/sparkle does not have to steal center stage in your design, but must be incorporated in a fun and unique way, however large or small. Feel free to interpret the challenge however you’d like!  Remember, wedding vendors of all experience levels are invited to participate, so bust out your glitter and get cracking.  Deadline for submissions is April 1st.  We can’t wait to see what you dream up!