My Bridal Shower

This past weekend was my bridal shower hosted by my mom, Brooke and the bridesmaids. They sure did throw a beautiful shower, I feel so loved!


My mom and moh put a ton of time and energy into making everything look just right. My moh shopped for months for vases and other containers. It really made everything look extra special! My mom made homemade jam for the favors and the table runners – see, I told you she is talented!








The food was amazing! They ordered bruschetta from my one of my favorite restaurants, Postino’s. My mom, grandma and the bridesmaids made the rest of the food.


After we ate lunch, we played games. The first one was so difficult! We had to match up the wedding tradition with the original meaning. I had no idea what some of those things meant!


The other game started when people arrived. Each person got a ring pop and if they said the word “wedding”, they had to give their ring pop to the person that caught them. These girls played the game well and ended up winning!


And I think the last game was my moh getting back at me from her bridal shower, ha! We played the game where I had to answer questions about my fiance and if I got one wrong, I had to chew a piece of gum…I ended up getting six wrong! I will never chew watermelon gum again!


{images via author’s personal collection}

We also had a gift opening. We got so many fun kitchen things that I can’t wait to try out. I also got a beautiful hanger from Brooke and Leila to use for my dress for the day of the wedding. Its going to look amazing in pictures. My mom also gave me the garter she made for the big day. It is beautiful and has a piece of my dress on it and also some lace from her dress. I will get better pictures of those and post them soon!

I had such a wonderful time, it went by so fast! This is probably a small preview of how the wedding will be. Just have to enjoy every moment!

Have you attended your bridal shower yet?