Dream Wedding Shoes

Great news, the never ending hunt for the perfect wedding shoes is over! Last weekend my mom and I had such an amazing shopping trip. We ended up finding my wedding shoes, ties for the ushers and a dress for the rehearsal dinner that will also be perfect to bring on the honeymoon. It was slightly more expensive than what I wanted to spend, but I figured since it was a double duty item, it was ok. Plus my mom assured me I would wear it again and again. Mom knows best, right?

Since my shoes are really only for me to see for a brief five seconds and for cute shoe pictures, I thought it would be okay to share with you the shoes I got (they are just so cute, I can’t resist!).


Aren’t they just so adorable?! Now here is why they are perfect:

1) First and foremost, they are incredibly comfortable.

2) They are dressy flats. I wanted flats so I wasn’t killing my feet by the end of the night. The challenge was finding flats that were still dressy enough and had a slight lift in the heel so I didn’t feel like I was in flip flops.

3) The pearl accent matches the pearls in my bracelet and earrings (like anyone will notice though).

4) If anyone does see my shoes, they will only peep through at the toe which is the cutest part!

I am loving these shoes and my rehearsal/honeymoon dress (you will have to wait to see the dress though!).

Image via zappos.com