Sponsored Post: Traveler’s Joy

If you follow me on Twitter or read EAD Living you might know that I’m an avid traveler – in fact there is nothing I love more. (Except for puppies, that is.) So it has to be said that if I were to get married again I would jump all over setting up a honeymoon registry with Travelers Joy.


Travelers Joy offers simple and easy registry options, allowing you to instantly register for destinations, experiences and once in a lifetime excursions. Travelers Joy even allows you to register for travel-related gear like cameras, travel guides, and luggage. Talk about handy! You can set your registry up using their pre-made registry options by themes such as beach, cruise, mountains or safari, or by specific destination such as the Cinque Terre or Oahu. (Two of my favorite places!)

{Vernazza, Italy}

{Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii}

I love reading about the awesome honeymoon travels of real Travelers Joy couples. Nothing like the accounts of real newlyweds to get you inspired for the trip of a lifetime! They’ve traveled to destinations like Greece, Morocco, Thailand, Ireland and Croatia through Travelers Joy, with their loved ones contributing to lifelong memories.

{Athens, Greece}

{Split, Croatia}

An especially great option if you already have a fully stocked kitchen and linen closet, set up your Travelers Joy registry and start packing your bags! Family and friends can help pitch in to pay for your flights and hotel, and even your water skiing or paragliding adventure. The options – and the destinations – are practically endless.

*All images except the first via my personal collection