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How Our Invitations Came Together

As I previously posted, our invitations went out last month and we have been receiving a steady stream of RSVP cards. As I was going through the pictures of the assembly process, it makes it look easy. Trust me, it was very intense and not the easiest invitations I have put together! (This is my fifth set of invites designing and assembling) If only I had pictures of the week long prepwork before this day (and yes, it was the entire day!). In the week or so before finishing the invites, my mom stamped the wax seals, I cut and folded strips of paper, printed all the items, struggled with the printer and getting letterpress paper to go through it (I just loved the texture of that paper though!) and mounting the invite to the blue shimmer paper and then to the gold enclosures. Oh yes, and then remounting everything with super glue to be sure it would stay. I think there was something about the dry Arizona air that made the photo mounting squares not work so well this go-around.

All images are credited to me!



I even got the family involved with this one. My niece was so excited to be helping, she did such a great job with that adhesive! And my moh cut all the ribbons to the correct length (is that a fake smile?). :) My mom stamped the back of the envelopes with the return address and addressed all of them. She has beautiful handwriting, so they looked amazing!



I spent all day placing the inserts into the folders, and tying the ribbon around them. We had an extra insert for those who are invited to the rehearsal dinner and Sunday lunch along with a different RSVP card so they could respond to all three events rather than having to call or email for the other two. The other guests have a space at the bottom to leave the bride and groom a note. So far this has been working well and we are enjoying reading all the fun comments from our friends and family. We also included a space on our RSVP cards that informed guests how many seats we have reserved for them. This is very important! One other thing I completely forgot about but is very important is writing a small number on the card that correlates with their number on the guest list. That way, if the person forgets to write their name, you will still know who its from. So far only one person responded without putting their name on the space provided, but their date’s name was listed…thank goodness for Facebook!


Here’s me working away….and how I felt after working on these things for a week! I think every bride has that moment where they wonder why they didn’t just plan a small destination wedding. For a few minutes, this was that moment for me.


But once the final product was done and all 150 were assembled and ready to be mailed, I was so proud and so excited for everyone to receive their invites. We couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out!

How long did it take you to assemble your wedding invitations?