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Family Wedding Photos

One special thing we are doing to honor our families at our wedding is having family wedding pictures displayed at cocktail hour. I have been collecting as many generations of pictures as possible from both sides of the families. We are fortunate enough to have all four pictures of my great-grandparents and we even know the dates of their weddings! Below are three generations of my family’s weddings. It is amazing to see how the photography, fashion and styles have changed over the years. All images are from my personal collection.


These are my great-grandparents, Clara and Arthur. They were married in 1914 in Wisconsin.


These are my grandparents, Joyce and Arthur. They were married in 1951. We will be getting married 60 years apart from them! We are so excited to be celebrating their anniversary next August with the entire family in Wisconsin.


And of course my parents. They were married in 1980 in Minnesota (even though they both lived in Arizona at the time). My mom was 25, the same age as me. In a previous post, I talked about how my mom made her own dress and I showed pictures of when I tried it on.

We will have plenty more family pictures on display at the wedding…which is in less than three months!

Are any of you doing anything unique to honor your family at your wedding?