National Stationery Show II: Construction

Hi everyone! Christen here with part 2 of my NSS wrap-up (check here for part 1 where I discuss trends in stationery design). For the second half I want to take a look at a few trends in the actual construction of invitations, going beyond the pocketfold and plain white 80# cardstock to create something that truly stands out and sets the tone for your wedding.

1. Super-heavy stock & Edging
I’m pairing these together because you really can’t have edging with out nice thick paper. What a fun surprise it would be to include another pop of color along the edge of your invitations!


{Bella Figura*}

2. Laser cut/Die cut

Gone are the days of 90 degree angles on all four corners. Rounded corners? Getting there…but what I loved were all the different shapes of paper that I saw at NSS. Grapevine Paperie and Lettered Olive had some beautifully die cut pieces.


{Grapevine Paperie}


{Lettered Olive}

Speaking of Lettered Olive, a huge hit from the show was the iPad album that they are using now! Instead of big books to showcase all of their line, they’ve made it digital and super easy to navigate. Such a fantastic (and green!) idea!

{photo from author’s personal collection}

3. Different materials

These two suites in particular from Plum Blossom Press caught my eye. The first is actually printed on cork which is handmade in Portugal by laminating thin layers of organically grown natural cork to a coated base paper. It’s hard to see in the photo, but it’s actually spotted with flecks of gold too!


Again, kinda hard to see in the photo, but the liner below has kind of a velvety-suede texture to it. Very luxurious. A detail I can’t imagine any of your guests not noticing!

{Plum Blossom Press}

My final favorite detail isn’t necessarily linked to wedding invitations (maybe shower and definitely party stationery related) but they are just too cute to not share! Paper clips in all different shapes! Airplanes, butterflies, ducks, elephants, cars…

{photo from author’s personal collection}

They are called D-Clips and although they were at a booth intended for wholesale, I did find them for sale online here.

A huge thank you to all the vendors who spent the time to talk with me about their stationery. It was such a pleasure meeting all of you!!

Throwin’ it back to you again. Anything in particular you have seen that stands out to you as something unique or new in terms of stationery? Or something that perhaps isn’t new but you just can’t get enough of?

* denotes EAD sponsor