DIY Heart Sachet Favors

These adorable sachet favors make great gifts for your guests. They will leave your amazing event with the sweet smell of love (and lavender!).


Materials needed:

  • Felt fabric in various colors
  • Sewing needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Dried lavender
  • Fiber-fill
  • Fabric scissors


1. Cut out two matching heart shapes in the felt fabric. I cut two different sizes of hearts to create the layered look. Using a running stitch, attach the smaller heart to one of the larger heart pieces before proceeding to the next step.


2. Thread your needle with the embroidery thread and sew the two large heart pieces together using a running stitch. Advanced stitchers could incorporate a blanket stitch here as well. Leave an opening at one end so that you can still stuff it with the fiber-fill. 


3. Stuff the heart about half way, then add a few of the dried bits of lavender. 


4. Fill the remainder of the heart with fiber-fill and sew all the way shut.


5. Once you have sewn the heart completely shut, you can thread your needle again with some embroidery thread. At the top center of the heart, sew a loop so that you can hang the sachet.


Knot it and voila! You have a lavender filled heart sachet favor.  They smell delicious and are sure to wow your guests!


Tutorial by Andrea Gray Harper for Elizabeth Anne Designs.  Download the printable version here!