Lemon Favors

Christen here again, loving lemon week! I hope you are all enjoying the lemony goodness. Today, I’ve got a round-up of lemony favors to send home with your guests. My favorite part about all of these? They’re DIY! First up, homemade lemon scrub for some silky smooth skin. Packaged in a cute container with some twine (divine or not) and even a label that matches your stationery, a body scrub is definitely a treat that your guests will love.


{lemon scrub via the sleepy time gal}

I personally feel very strongly that the absolute best favors are edible favors. How cute are these little mini lemon loafs with this perfectly citrusy divine twine and tag?


{lemon loafs via the twinery}

Not gonna lie…Ami sent over the idea for lemon curd and I had no idea what lemon curd is. I googled and have now added it to my to-make list on Pinterest. Lemon curd is a spread for scones, muffins, and other baked goodies, but it can also be used for sweet and tart pie fillings and cakes as well. Yum!


{lemon curd via {frolic}}

And my favorite idea for a favor (who could resist this packaging either?) is homemade limoncello. Giada has a recipe for limoncello that I am definitely going to try. Anyone want some?


{limoncello via Matt Bites}

Or for a non-alcoholic beverage, the always inspirational Jordan Ferney made some beautiful homemade lemonade favors.


{homemade lemonade via Oh Happy Day; recipe at Project Wedding}

Although the limoncello might be my favorite, I do have to admit that if any of these were favors for a wedding I was at, I’d probably try to sneak an extra one home with me. You know, if there are extra ones just laying around tables as most of the guests had left…is that bad? What do you think, have any other sour-sweet-lemony favors to add to the list? Also…on the same note as limoncello, stay tuned to my post tomorrow for lemonade happy hour to finish out our lemon week!