Sponsored Post: Wedding.com

This afternoon we have a little shout out for one of the EAD sponsors, Wedding.com.  In addition to finding yourself immersed in loads of wedding inspiration from all of the fabulous blogs you are reading, we’re sure that you’re also knee-deep in the logistics of your wedding, searching for the perfect vendors for your big day.  Wedding.com was created by Brett Reynolds, a former wedding videographer, who after planning his own wedding, started brainstorming for an easier way for vendors and couples to connect. That is when the idea for Wedding.com was born.


Wedding.com has several features that will make your wedding planning easier.  Not only can you put out a request for proposals from wedding vendors, but there’s also a budget tracker, checklist, and wedding website planning tool!  Best of all, Wedding.com is completely free for couples.



Go explore Wedding.com – it’s sure to become an essential tool in your planning process!

*This post was sponsored by Wedding.com