Weddings “In the Round”

Theatre in-the-round was common in Ancient Greece and Rome but with its intimate feel and unique design, it’s no wonder couples have been choosing this setup for their wedding ceremonies! Each guest has an excellent vantage point, getting rid of that who-sits-where hierarchy and allowing everyone to feel more involved in the wedding. It seems to me that getting married in a set-up like this would feel cozy, warm, and filled to-the-brim with love and support!


{outdoor in-the-round wedding photo by LunaPhoto via Niche White via Intimate Weddings}


{natural in-the-round wedding setup photo by BB Photography via Santa Barbara Wedding Style}


{dark and dramatic wedding ceremony photo by Miki & Sonja Photography via Junebug Weddings}


{indoor elegant rectangular in-the-round ceremony photo by Kelly Lorenz Imagery via Style Me Pretty}

Has anyone had an in-the-round ceremony? Any more pros or cons that you can share?