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Introducing Wanderable

Most brides that I talk to have a difficult time with two things: the honeymoon and setting up their registry. There are SO many honeymoon destinations to choose from, where to even start? And for the registry, either they have their homes set up and already have what they need, they really don’t want that fancy china set, or have enough champagne flutes to host P Diddy’s Grammy Awards after-party. It’s situations like these that call for an alternative to the usual bridal registry. That’s why today we’re featuring the lovely Wanderable!


Wanderable makes it easy to go from dreaming about the perfect honeymoon to actually having the perfect honeymoon. Whether engaged or not, anyone can use Wanderable to set up a bucket list of things they’d like to do or places they’d like to go.


Engaged couples can also use Wanderable to set up a free honeymoon registry. Similar to a traditional gift registry, couples create honeymoon registries and list items that they would like to have for their honeymoon. Items can range from general requests, such as transportation, lodgings, and special meals, to more specific requests for particular tours and activities. Guests can contribute to the couple’s honeymoon memories by sending monetary gifts for specific items. It’s free to set up your registry and personalized themes are offered for just $39. Check out some of the lovely designs:



Need some help on honeymoon planning? Check out these 3 tips from Wanderable:

1. Figure out your budget
Organize a budget on your honeymoon using an online planner or break your whole honeymoon down into bits and pieces on your own. Whatever you do, make sure you have a realistic budget you will be sticking to. Don’t forget to include all forms of transportation, accommodation, meals, and activities, along with the travel-related expenses such as any injections, medications, insurance, and souvenirs. Be realistic and aware that you are likely to at least slightly exceed your planned budget.

2. Figure out what’s important
Find out what is important to the two of you and what you each want to get out of this honeymoon. Would you rather spend it in a luxurious accommodation getting pampered on a beach or would you rather be exploring the wilderness and living life on the edge? Whatever it is you two decide to prioritize, should be the focus of your budget and honeymoon planning.

3. Save on the big items
Finding alternative modes of travel may help you find a cheaper way to reach your destination. The other option is to find a different airport close to the area that may have a significant effect on the airfare. Use comparison websites to help you find the cheapest deals or look at newspaper ads (and don’t forget to read the small print!). If you are flying by plane, Friday and Monday are usually the most expensive flights, mainly due to the business season. If you fly out in the middle of the week, it tends to be cheaper. Explore ways to save on your biggest items — transportation and lodging.

So, if you’re looking for something other than or even in addition to something more traditional, be sure to check out Wanderable for help planning the perfect honeymoon!

*this post was sponsored by Wanderable.