Friday Flowers: For the Moms

Although it’s not required by etiquette, it’s customary for the parents of the bride and groom to receive flowers. For the dads, the choice is easy: a bout. For the moms? A bit more difficult. Do you go corsage? In that case, pin-on or wrist? Do you give them a mini-bouquet? So many options, many of which conjure up horrible visions of tacky prom flowers. On top of that, many moms are just way too stylish to go for something dull and outdated. In honor of Mother’s Day, I’ve rounded up some ideas for the moms to wear as they watch you walk down the aisle.

First up is the idea to attach a small flower to her clutch. Good for the moms who’d rather not fling petals across the room as they tear it up on the dance floor!


{gardenia clutch photo by Lauren Clark Photography from Kristopher + Ashley’s Wedding; white carnation pin-on photo by Meg Smith Photography via Ritzy Bee}

Next, how about a smaller bouquet?


{mother’s bouquet by Lucy’s Informal Flowers, photo by Missy Cochran, via Style Me Pretty; mini bouquet by Sharla Flock Designs, photo by Gia Canali Photography via Style Me Pretty}


{mini bouquets by La Partie Events, photo by ErinHeartsCourt, via Style Me Pretty}

I think what makes up a corsage makes ALL the difference in whether it’s got that 90’s prom feel. Baby’s breath + spray roses = prom. Explore different, more unique options to freshen up the corsage idea, both floral and the wristlet itself. I love this pearl beaded wristlet!


{pearl and mum corsage by and via JL Designs, photo by Jill Thomas}

How great is this gold succulent corsage, it looks like a cuff, doesn’t it? And in the one on the right, freesia and sweet pea are much better companions to roses than baby’s breath!


{gold succulent wristlet by JL Designs, photo by Jose Villa, via Green Wedding Shoes; white ribbon corsage by The Lone Hydrangea, photo by Tom Blachford Photography, via Style Me Pretty}

I think what’s most important though is to ask moms what *they* would like to wear. Perhaps his mom is uber-traditional and really wants a big pin on corsage, or your mother would prefer to carry a little nosegay than have a corsage flop around on her wrist all day? Either way, there are definitely options out there for all those stylish moms out there! Have you seen any other options that you like?

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!