Appy Couple has come a long way since we first introduced you to their awesome app in March!  Take your wedding mobile with their uber-cool app for iPhone and Android, a free coordinating wedding website, and emails to announce your app.

Appy Couple iphone apps

Since you’ve seen Appy Couple last, they have added lots of new designs in new color combinations and styles and added more privacy options. Don’t want to chase down all the email addresses of your guests? Set your wedding to public, and they’ll enter their email themselves. It will automatically be added to your guest list! If you want complete privacy, that’s possible too. And you can even set the privacy of individual events, so your wedding can be public, but the bachelorette party will only be visible to people you specifically invite.

New drag and drop modular widgets (like travel, hotels, and dress code) make it super easy to give your guests the information they need and want about your wedding, and customized stories let you share info about you and your beloved with your guests.

Appy Couple Wedding Mobile App

Appy Couple android app

Appy Couple is still in beta, so you need an invitation code. Luckily for us, they have created one especially for Elizabeth Anne Designs readers! Use code EASP2 at, and you’ll get free access to all the great new and coming Appy Couple features. Act fast, because this code is only valid for the next 24 hours!  So fun and so helpful, Appy Couple is a must-have wedding planning tool!

*this post was sponsored by Appy Couple